Feature list and technical specifications

Calvah is a web application with the core features of meeting planning and automated meeting moderation. Calvah is available for the Google Chrome and Edge browser.  

Calvah offers unique features to plan meetings more inclusive and equal. 

 The service description of Calvah and further developments are based on the following feature list. Any additional requested features and services require a separate contract.

 To access the service and features listed below you need to register and purchase a license. 

How to access Calvah:

1. User Roles

There are three user roles, which grant different user rights and level of access. These roles are:

Owner – Has their own Calvah AccountAccess to subscription management, management of Organizers. Can create, edit and delete meetings. Has access to all meetings and statistics from all organizers managed by the owner. Can attend meetings, when invited. Can start and moderate their own meetings.

Organizer – Has their own  Calvah AccountCan create, edit and delete meetings. Can see their meeting statistics. Can attend meetings, when invited. Can start and moderate their own meetings.

Non Account Attendee – has no Calvah Account Can access the meeting timer, when invited.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard module gives an overview of recent statistics and upcoming meetings and allows meeting management.

3. Meetings

The meeting module gives an overview of planned and past meetings. Access and edit upcoming and past meetings. It shows meeting statistics for past meetings.

4. Statistics

This module consists of multiple modules. 

Overall happiness
At the end of each meeting every attendee takes a survey to evaluate the meeting. Overall happiness combines the responses of the three questions.

Used meeting time
Used meeting time shows the accumulated times of: time set, time used and time exceeded for all meetings held in the past 7 days.

Number of meetings
Shows the accumulated amount of meetings for the past week

Meeting List
List of all past meetings with the options to show meeting agenda of past meetings and individual statistics for past meetings. 

Organizer List
Organizer can see an additional list of statistics belonging to their managed organizers. For every organizer exists an overview of attended and facilitated meetings with individual meeting statistics and agenda overview.

5. Account Settings

This module allows to change and update account related information (personal information, subscription plan, payment details and invoice management). 

6. Meeting Creation

The modul meetings consist of multiple smaller modules. It is possible to interrupt the creation process and to continue later:

  • Meeting Template
  • Meeting Title
  • Attendees 
  • Agenda Goal
  • Agenda Planner 
  • Date
  • Summary

7. Meeting Timer

Once the organizer starts a meeting, the meeting timer will open in the browser tab. Attendees can access the meeting timer via their email (invite link).

The timer consists of: 

  • Progression of speaking time for the current agenda item (countdown)
  • Speaker
  • Agenda item description
  • Planned meeting time for agenda item and overall meeting
  • Progressed meeting time for agenda item and overall meeting
  • Exceeded meeting time for agenda item and overall meeting
  • Anonymous feedback feature (when added in agenda planner)
  • Open discussion feature (when added in agenda planner)
  • Meeting evaluation
  • Meeting summary including time keeping statistics


8. Pricing

All available plans can be viewed at www.calvah.com 

9. Technical requirements

To use Calvah an active internet connection is needed. Calvah is developed only for Google Chrome oder Edge Browser, when using other browsers a seamless service and feature availability is not guaranteed. 


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