Inclusive and productive meeting planning and automated meeting moderation

Calvah helps you to plan and run meetings, to enforce equal speaking times, to reduce unconscious biases and to improve meeting productivity. Thanks to Calvah’s automated meeting moderation, interruptions, overlooking quieter voices and monologues are a thing of the past.

Calvah is available for the Google Chrome and Edge browser and can be used standalone or in combination with virtual video conferencing systems.

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Great Meetings Guide

Studies have proven that an inclusive work culture leads to better performance and higher employee retention. Over the past two years we’ve researched and developed methods along the studies to evolve great meeting culture. Download our free Great Meetings Guide now.


Product Features

We build Calvah for companies with many team meetings. Calvah is designed to embrace diversity of thought in meetings, workshops and stand-ups from 5 to 30 participants. Meeting organizers automatically implement DE&I methods in a fun way on a day by day basis.

Meeting Planning

The meeting planner offers multiple modules to plan an inclusive and equal meeting agenda. Say goodby to meeting invites without agenda or goals!

Agenda Planner

Helps to plan a meeting agenda with a clear structure and equal speaking times.

Meeting Goal Setting

Goal setting for every meeting to keep everyone accountable.

Equity Check

Shows how the speaking time is distributed among the attendees. Has everyone the chance to participate?

Attendee profiles

Attendee profiles with pronouns help to avoid misgendering of participants. 

Meeting Moderation and Evaluation

The meeting moderation is a standalone animated timer that shows every attendee who is supposed to speak, how much speaking time is left, who is next. Attendees can also contribute written anonymous feedback via the moderation tool for unbiased meeting contribution. At the end of every meeting each participant is asked to rate the inclusiveness, productiveness and preparation of the meeting. The meeting evaluation and time keeping statistics keep organizers and attendees accountable. 

Automatic Meeting Moderation

Visual and audio moderation for uninterrupted speaking slots for each attendee.
TTS optimised.

Written (anonymous) Feedback / Voting

Live written feedback to allow contribution beyond speaking and to reduce biases.

Guided Discussions

To allow everyone to contribute feedback with equal speaking time.

Evaluation Survey

Mandatory evaluation survey at the end of every meeting to track inclusiveness, productivity and quality.

More details about our feature list and technical specifications here.

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Organisations with inclusive cultures see positive results

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DE&I) have a positive impact on profitability, innovation and employee satisfaction. Incorporating DE&I in meetings delivers measurable results. 

Organisations with inclusive cultures are:

more likely to be innovative and agile


more likely to outperform their peers on profitability


increase in team collaboration


Calvah is available as a Software-as-a-Service with a monthly or yearly plan.

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We believe change is only possible if we collaborate with like-minded organisations.

The WomenTech Network – Global Conference 2022

Impact of Diversity Award Nominierung 2022

About us

Calvah is built by Kollektiv MFG. We combine technology with the principles of equality, inclusion and sustainability.

Kollektiv MFG has the mission to build software to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace. 

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