Inclusive and productive meeting planning and automated meeting moderation

Calvah tools helps you to plan and run meetings, to enforce equal speaking times, to reduce unconscious biases and to improve meeting productivity.

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Great Meetings Guide

Studies have proven that an inclusive work culture leads to better performance and higher employee retention. Over the past two years we’ve researched and developed methods along the studies to evolve great meeting culture. Download our free Great Meetings Guide now.

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We build Calvah for companies with many team meetings. Calvah is designed to embrace diversity of thought in meetings, workshops and stand-ups from 5 to 30 participants. Meeting organizers automatically implement DE&I methods in a fun way on a day by day basis.


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Our collection of short but powerful exercises spark creativity, encourage active participation, strengthen belonging and help you to achieve your meeting goals effortlessly. You can seamlessly integrate our exercises into your meeting agenda, or use them spontaneously as the need arises.
We handpicked our favorite exercises that are rooted in design thinking principles, meaning they are empathy centered, human centered and promote diverse perspectives by design.

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Organisations with inclusive cultures see positive results

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DE&I) have a positive impact on profitability, innovation and employee satisfaction. Incorporating DE&I in meetings delivers measurable results. 

Organisations with inclusive cultures are:

more likely to be innovative and agile


more likely to outperform their peers on profitability


increase in team collaboration


We believe change is only possible if we collaborate with like-minded organisations.

The WomenTech Network – Global Conference 2022

Impact of Diversity Award Nominierung 2022

About us

Calvah is built by Kollektiv MFG. We combine technology with the principles of equality, inclusion and sustainability.

Kollektiv MFG has the mission to build software to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace. 

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